ABOUT Mercedes Keyes

Mercedes Keyes
African American female, mix. I come from a very multicultural background. Happily married, mother of 3 children, step-mother of 5 by my husband. Together, he and I have 9 grandsons and another on the way.

I'm a writer of quality interracial fiction drama. My first novel ended  More...



Watch Commander Captain
William Camen O’Malley

1978 Chicago has a growing drug Cartel and a blood trail of murders, including two captains of police; who once headed the narcotics investigation leading to drug lord, Herman Dozer. With their deaths hovering over the mayor's and commissioner’s head; they put in a special request for someone with an outstanding record in narcotics. Having served on border control, land and sea as well other dangerous areas, O’Malley was ready for the challenge this investigation was offering. Having accepted the assignment, he relocated to Chicago and began setting up his special forces team.

Unknown to the public officials, however, was a dual reason for O’Malley accepting the case, beside his deep seeded hatred for the drug world. There was also the nightmare … a nightmare that added to his driven determination to erase as much of the drugs as he could from the streets, from getting into the wrong hands; having been a victim himself, with results that would follow him for the rest of his life. With that hanging over his head, he was unprepared for the worse thing that could happen to him while setting up his investigations team; the one person he longed to find and see, at the same time he dreaded seeing her there; was there, walking in to be one of the team investigators; Detective Carina Artess.

Detective Carina Artess

Haunted by a nightmarish past, for years and years, memories plagued her mind that she strove to block and deny. With this fine tuned skill, she’d succeeded in doing just that! Until that is, the day she walked into the office of Watch Commander Captain, William O’Malley. The sight of him immediately triggering questions that once again, catapulted her back to a time she thought just a dream, one long forgotten, and dismissed.