Singing Winds

Christian Books, General Fiction, Romance

By Linda Strawn

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Linda Strawn

Linda Strawn
The oldest of seven children, I was born and raised in rural Northern California, about sixty miles north of San Francisco. I had a great childhood growing up in the country in the midst of prune orchards, pasture land, and redwood forest More...


This moving inspirational fiction is about Katy Breyer who lives with her father in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her young life
is happy and secure until her estranged mother takes custody of her and moves her to a city hundreds of miles away. For the next five years,
she endures the neglect of her mother and indifference of her stepfather. Her only happiness is in the care and friendship she receives from the
servants who work in her stepfather's mansion.After a tragic accident claims the life of her mother and stepfather, Katy is reunited with her
uncle who takes her to live with his family. She finally has the home and family she longs for, but the unexpected friendship of a Maidu Indian
boy will test her faith in God and force her to make a decision that will change her life forever.

This story, ten years in the making, was inspired by my passion for American Indian culture and history, my desire to weave a story to inspire others, and above all, my faith in God.

"Singing Winds" by Linda Strawn has brought about a beautiful and romantic setting in the historical 1800’s where romance, Indians, and ranch life take you on the most love filled adventures that you will absolutely love to read.  If romance is what you are into then this is a must have in your library.  I say to Linda Strawn this is a job well done.  I enjoyed every adventure and every page.  It kept me on my toes as to where this was going.  Congratulations for bringing to life the romance in which I think everybody will be enthralled to read.


Reviewer: Anastasia, GhostWriter Literary Review

SINGING WINDS, an appropriate title. I loved it! This amazing slow moving saga starts out on a sad note and tears at the heart strings. Emotions overflowed throughout the story. Devastated at what was happening in her young life, Katy still learned many ways to appreciate affection. One part in particular moved this reader to tears when a miracle happened with Jesse, our brave hero, who will always have a warm spot in my heart. The suspense held me like a magnet drawn to metal.

Linda Strawn’s unique style with the dialogue captured the warmth of the characters that lingered in my mind long after the heart moving story was read. The characters caused an overall reaction or impression on me that filled me with awe. I laughed with Katy. I cried with Madeline. I was filled with fear for Jesse. I will never forget them. Definitely a keeper!

Overall rating: 5hearts.gif
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Wanda Maynard, The Romance Studio

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