Sisters Friends & Lovers

Romance, General Fiction

By Eisha Coutee

Publisher : Naked Truth Puplishing

Sisters Friends & Lovers

ABOUT Eisha Coutee

Eisha Coutee
Bay Area born and raised...have been a writer since the day I learned to hold a pen in my hand!



Modern day Waiting To Exhale meets Urban Sex in the City.
Evie Carter and her girls are all approaching the BIG 3-0. Marriages are falling apart, lovers are secretly meeting in hotels, family members are growing more and more dysfunctional, ex-girlfriends are stalking, and others are looking for love in all the wrong places...
While some have more than one man, Evie can't seem to find Mr. Right. Meanwhile, her biological clock is ticking away. Could her new younger man be the one? Will the others make the right decisions before it's too late? Only time and true love will tell.

I never had many girlfriends growing up. I always surrounded myself around older women in my family, and the few female friends that I did eventually connect with were all older than me. I found it interesting that they all had similar stories and experiences to share of the whole black love experience. It wasn't until I myself began approaching the big 3-0, did I began to finally connect the dots. All those conversations and the exchange of golden rules of thumb in the dating game that rolled over into the marital "game" so to speak finally came full circle. It's like a light finally came on and it dawned on really are from a whole other planet, but they are really not that complicated. And I thought..."hey I need to write a book about this stuff." So my story began. It is my contribution to reality TV at it's finest...the only difference is it's in black and white!