ABOUT Ben Ohmart

Ben Ohmart
Author of many voice actor biographies, including Alan Reed, (the coming) Mel Blanc, Paul Frees, Daws Butler, Walter Tetley and Don Ameche.



What do Blondie, I Love Lucy and the Twilight Zone all have in common? What did Chic Young think of the films based on his comic strip? Blondie Goes To Hollywood is the first and only book to answer these questions. Blondie Goes To Hollywood is the first and only book to tell the untold story of the Blondie films, from its creation,the successes and tragedies of its stars,supporting  cast and crew to the reason for the film series demise.

Blondie Goes To Hollywood is also the first and only book to describe the business venture involving Arthur Lake and his canine co-star Daisy..Blondie Goes To Hollywood is the first and only book to provide Will Hutchins insight into the making of lthe last short-lived Blondie TV series in which he starred in.