Dormitory II (Chapter in Book 'On a Hidden Field')

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Dennis Allums
Hello everyone, my name is Dennis Allums and I am the author of On a Hidden Field, The Kids Who Saw the Future. I'm interested in all types of activities and hobbies, especially mathematics and physics, in particular, super string theory (M-theory). I would classify myself as open minded More...



Dormitory II is not a book but a chapter in the authors first Novel,  ‘On a Hidden Field' The Kids Who Saw the Future'. It is a story requested so often that I decided to make it available too.

It is the story of a sort of orphanage located in a large castle where they put children who are misunderstood to be problems due to the ability to be independent thinkers at such a young age. They are sentenced to a life of exile here, a place where the lack of the most basic of care is commonplace. 

The place is run by a former war general in the Soviet military, the much maligned General Dretch, who becomes so predictable in war that he loses a series of battles in a row and is stripped of his rank and relegated to head this infamous Dormitory. The kids here have lost all hope and the ability to even think about freedom until a five-year-old stranger arrives from another land. She convinces them that they are there because they like most of the world, are following a fool and thus they shall always suffer and never be free.

 In the end they learn that respect and leadership should never be given but earned, but even more, no one, no where at no time shall ever survive without first being worthy of survival and if nothing is done to achieve freedom from evil and corruption, then in the end they shall receive what is rightfully theirs, nothing. This is a timely lesson provided by a five year old hero; A lesson that many adults of today need to learn.

                     All enjoy especially the teachers who wrote.