Ecology From A to Z

Children's Books

By Jacob Angel

Publisher : Angel's Food for Thought

Ecology From A to Z

ABOUT Jacob Angel

Jacob Angel



Come join BoBo Darling and Irv the turtle on their magical walk through the alphabet in an effort to raise awareness about ecology.  This book teaches simple solutions we all can do to help protect Mother Earth and her natural resources.  It is written in a fun to read rhyme that is as entertaining as it is educational.  64 pages printed on recycled paper.  Full color, full page illustrations.  Hardcover.  $19.95 with 25% going to charity. 
"ECOLOGY FROM A to Z is a brilliant concept! As a former home schooling mother, I really appreciated this clever and fun way to teach children these important lessons! Jacob Angel's illustrations were also adorable and effective. What a fun and easy way to teach our children ecology and to appreciate our environment."
Nise' Davies
Founder, Advantage Models & Talent
President, American Modeling