Falcon and Frog

ABOUT Azita Shahidi

Azita Shahidi
Falcon and Frog started as an introspection into my childhood. Born in Iran and being branded as a minority from a very young age, I was raised with the unspoken mantra of not being good enough.  Intellectually my family tried to instill in me a sense of nobility but the unspoken lie More...



This is a story of forgotten identity and how two friends help each other. Conceived by way of introspection, Author's personal childhood memories of not fitting in and being labeled a minority from a very young age gave wings to the tale of Falcon & Frog. Etching an universal narrative that maps childhood struggle to maintain dignity through self-belief and the power of friendship, Falcon & Frog offers both children and adults an enchanting window of meditation on this and other themes of innocence under siege, told in such tender language.