Is There a Problem, Officer? A Cop's Inside Scoop on Avoiding Traffic Tickets. (Globe-Pequot Press)

ABOUT Steve Pomper

Steve Pomper
Steve Pomper is a Seattle-based writer and the author of, "Is There a Problem, Officer? A Cop's Inside Scoop on Avoiding Traffic Tickets," (The Lyons Press, 2007) and the upcoming "Seattle Curiosities," and "It Happened in Seattle." (Both Globe-Pequot Press, 2009)


Whoop! Whoop!  We all dread the sound of a siren and the sight of flashing blue lights behind our vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s almost inevitable you’ll be pulled over for speeding or running a red light at some point in your life. Is There a Problem, Officer? will make that moment less uncomfortable. And what better way to get the lowdown on when and why cops dish out tickets than from an actual cop?
Seattle police officer Steve Pomper tells it exactly how it is:
Don’t cry; you definitely won’t avoid a ticket that way.
Common courtesy will take you a lot further than speeding will.
If you deny fault, you can’t expect to receive a warning to correct the problem. 

Pomper has added helpful advice from police officers all over the United States, plus real-life cop-driver anecdotes and illustrative cartoons. Read this book and you’ll never again have to roll down your window and guiltily ask, Is There a Problem, Officer?

"Steve Pomper's book may well save you a ticket, or it
might just save your life. We all slow down when we see a cop talking to a driver
he's pulled over because we're curious. Now, read about what really goes on.
You will be surprised and if  those of you who view traffic stops with
annoyance, impatience and, even anxiety, will pay attention to the advice offered
here, I think you'll pay fewer fines and avoid racking up so many dings on your
driving record. This is also a great read--full of anecdotes that will make you
laugh, gasp, and understand both cops and other drivers much better! I'm
surprised that no one thought of this idea before; it's a natural. After you read
this, the sight of whirling blue bubble lights in your rear view mirror won't
be nearly so scary. As an ex-cop myself, I know that men and women in law
enforcement want first to protect the rest of us, and Pomper has done that with his
writing as well as with his badge. I love this book!"
--Ann Rule
Author of Green River, Running Red, Small Sacrifices, and Too Late to Say

“Officer Steve Pomper’s book will not only go a long way toward improving communication between police officers and drivers, it will also better educate the public on the daily stress and difficulties officers confront trying to keep us safe. It should be mandatory reading material in every driver’s education class in America.”


Robert Dugoni, New York Times best-selling author of The Jury Master, Damage Control, and Wrongful Death.