First Phonics Users Manual M to Z

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By Betty Cain

Publisher : Bedford Publications

ABOUT Betty Cain

Betty Cain
Betty Ward Cain is a published author, musician and retired teacher. She is listed in the Cambridge who’s who.  Mrs. Cain taught kindergarten students for 30 years.  She comes from a long line of ministers, musicians, teachers and song writers.Mrs. Cain grew up in a minister’s home. More...



This is the users manual 1 of 3 in the First Phonics set of videos, user books and lessons. This program ensures that a child’s first experiences 

First Phonics - The fun way to learn to read!

This is the users manual 2 of 3 in the First Phonics set of videos, users manuals  and lessons program which ensures that a child’s first experiences with reading are fun and successful. Each student is given a Learning Pocket which teaches skills they need to learn. Reproducible flashcards of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, phonics sound sentences, and a few simple words address a variety of learning levels. In addition, reproducible Picture Charts that emphasize sounds can be enlarged to poster size or passed out individually.

An original poem, video picture story, and vocabulary list accompany each letter, as well as a variety of cooking, creative writing, language arts, craft, and math projects.


This is the way reading was meant to be learned!


This DVD 3 disc set contains all 31 video stories that teach the sounds of all consonant letters and the short and long sounds of all the vowels.  They are playable on a DVD player. Many of the stories teach character building traits, and the colorful animal characters have been loved by children since 1984.  There are 33 original songs along with child-friendly craft activities and games.  There are e-book teacher manuals with additional activities such as recipes, science experiments, math games and much more. The Learning Pocket which is included helps to individualize learning.  Each student progresses at their own pace. This program has been used in classrooms and is proven to be effective. Success has been seen with mentally challenged students using this program. They adore the comical characters.

DVD one contains the pictured story videos for Consonant letters B through R along with phonics games to play.

DVD two contains the pictured story videos and games for the remaining consonant letters plus the long and short vowel sounds.

The CD-Rom contains the Teachers Manual, Learning Pocket and Craft Patterns organized by color for ease of duplication.

There are three users manuals in the program. This is the 2nd one.