Ancient Wisdom for Total Vitality

ABOUT Sylvia Brallier

Sylvia Brallier
I am a personal growth educator who is deeply interested in the relationship between the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I have some really unique and fun ways to help people shift both their perspective and their lives, which include dance, breath, hypnosis, trance states, energy body aw More...


Modern science has learned the powerful benefits of hydration and alkalinity as a means to radiant health and physical vitality, but the ancient masters knew the secrets of how to fully hydrate and alkalize the body. Master Wang has studied and lived these powerful lost teachings that have helped many people heal from serious illness, increased top performance for athletes, and helped people committed to health and well being to experience total Vitality. This fascinating and sometimes surprising book explains the basis of the total Vitality Program and how it might work for you.

I suffered from a rare condition that was called incurable. I was referred to Master Wang, who has helped people with a variety of health conditions achieve optimum health, as well as helped top athletes reach high performance and healthy people become even more vibrant. The results have been nothing less than astounding. I helped Master Wang write this book in order that more people can receive the powerful benefits of hydration and alkalinity based on these ancient methods for wellness.

I got your Total Vitality book and started the program the instant I got to the page with the picture of the parasites.
The first week or so was difficult because a detox  began to occur. Once I got past that, I began to feel better and better each day . Now I am a couple of months in. I do not take ANY of the 3 medications I was on daily to help with my digestion issues . My gut spasms are totally gone! I have lost 10 lbs, and everyone keeps telling me how good I look. I think being really hydrated has helped with my wrinkles and skin issues as well. I have found that a cup of hot water works better and quicker to sooth my gut than and of the meds I was taking.
Thank you for sharing your secret!  I feel great!