In the Valley stories

Outdoors & Nature

By Philip Van Wulven

Publisher : Philip van Wulven

ABOUT Philip Van Wulven

Philip van Wulven
  Phil van Wulven was born in Africa, in a family who changed houses and schools, as well as countries,.quite often. Landlords, Headmasters, and governments prefer you to leave places as you found them, he discovered. He has lived in Canada for quite a while now, where he is busy growing  More...



“In The Valley”
A game of cat and mouse as elephant poachers try to get away with their grisly trophies with rangers on their tail. They feel confident. AK 47s are no match for the poor weaponry the rangers have.
But they are not their only problem. The elephants don’t like being hunted. 10,000 words
“Finding the Eland”
 A fire sweeps through Fishhoek. Three boys save some of the local wildlife, including an Eland, an African antelope. Nice story. 2,500 words,
 Three boys go wandering through the South African bushland, investigating the wildlife. But this can be dangerous work as wildlife is wild, and it can kill.
And yet sometimes there are saviours out in the wilderness too.
Reviews by readers:-
1)This is good writing and everything is so clear and descriptive. This is an amazing story well told with depth and excellent characterization. It's evocative and descriptive and firmly set in its location. The details are meticulous and the pacing good with a palpable reality. The scenes are so clear, it's very easy to imagine.

2)Very evocative with the scenes beautifully set and the action sparse and realistic.
These short stories reveal a love of Africa . They show the beauty, but I think they also show the delicate balance between humans.and other animals. An enjoyable read and highly relevant to our age where so many of us are removed from the natural world.