Think and Be Blessed

Christian Books

By D.W. Dreamer

Publisher : Ware Resources and Publishing

ABOUT D.W. Dreamer

D.W. Dreamer
David Ware Jr. is the writer behind this inspirational collection of poetry. He was born in Delaware and currently resides there with his loving wife and two kids (daughter and son).  He chose to use the name D.W. Dreamer because he believes that anything is possible if you organize and w More...

Think And Be Blessed is a collection of inspirational poetry that will speak to you, and force you to answer the call of your dreams. This book will take you on a journey and lead you page by page to your destiny. If you follow the poetic advice in this book, you will find that the rhythm of your life will harmonize with your God given gifts. You will be able to create the beautiful music of your hopes and desires. Let Think And Be Blessed help you become the person you were meant to be in this life! I believe that you can do anything if you continue to believe and dream! Whatever you do, don't let your dreams die! For this sole reason, I wrote my book. I hope to inspire and encourage those that need help. Even Jesus said you could accomplish your goals. Read the scripture below and see for yourself! Very truly I tell you, all who have faith in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the father (John 14:12). These are his words and all you have to do is work hard, smart and believe in you dreams.