Dancing in the Eye of Transformation, Ten Keys to Creative Consciousness

ABOUT Sylvia Brallier

Sylvia Brallier
I am a personal growth educator who is deeply interested in the relationship between the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I have some really unique and fun ways to help people shift both their perspective and their lives, which include dance, breath, hypnosis, trance states, energy body aw More...


This beautifully illustrated book takes you to a place where spirituality, quantum theory, creativity and healing meet and merge to awaken your highest potential. Dancing in the Eye of Transformation is a real-world users manual that gives practical tools for the enrichment of your mind, body and spirit. It will help you to perceive metaphysical reality and actualize personal and planetary transformation from a unique holistic perspective.

“The meditative techniques and information in this book point the way to wholeness we all seek. By combining concepts from a wide variety of ancient and modern traditions in a way that is intriguing and appealing, this book entices the reader to find his or her unique path to emotional balance and spiritual peace.”
– Donald Michael Kraig,

“I know Sylvia Brallier, and can attest to her remarkable and impeccable ability as a healer. This wonderful and important book brings articulation to her depth of understanding and awareness of how life works, and how we can achieve spiritual healing and transformation for ourselves, each other, and our world.”
- Nicki Scully
Author, Alchemical Healing

“Sylvia’s writing is both clear and genuine. Her deep and personal
knowledge of different spiritual systems is evident, lending this work
integrity and credibility. Following her guidelines, I have been able
to heal and activate levels of my self that were previously hidden –
asleep and ready to be awakened. ”
- Anne Key Ph.D.,
Humanities Professor

“Dancing in the Eye of Transformation is a richly woven tapestry of
spiritual traditions. Within these inspired and beautifully illustrated pages you will be initiated into proven and practical tools for transforming your self and the world around you.”.
- Jeff McBride
Founder of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School

I have been a life long study of the Metaphysics/Mind/Body/Spirit and
continue on the path of self development and understanding. Many books have crossed by my eyes and into my mind. Many tapes have talked in my ears. Sylvia Brallier's book, “Dancing in the Eye of Transformation” has brought me to an awareness of my self and others beyond imagination. Having been to her classes and experienced her wonderful energy and confidence I can feel the same power through her book.
Sylvia's explanations and steps of how to perform on an effective level are beyond any I have ever experienced. I truly feel as though she is talking to me as I read. I'm grateful she has dedicated herself and work to help people so we can experience spiritual peace and total

Sherry L. Fitzgerald
Reiki Master / practitioner

Dancing in the Eye of Transformation covers it all and at the same
time just begins to open the door to your own possibilities and
potential. Not only does Sylvia provide us with her ideas on
spirituality, creativity, healing, the psyche, and even a little
science, she gives it to us in a way that is comfortable and easy to
read. “Dancing in the Eye of Transformation” took me on a detailed
journey through some of the world’s spiritual beliefs as well as
through my own inner soul. It introduces us to the many aspects and
characters of our inner self and provides paths towards integration and
balanced completeness. Along with the multitude of ideas and concepts
on the various aspects of our being, Sylvia provides useful meditations
and exercises that we can use to immediately access, grasp and
integrate the concepts she presents—first hand. She somehow presents
the many parts of life, with all their differences and puts them
together to show us all that we are one; with each other and within
ourselves. I find this book to be comprehensive and yet straight
forward and to the point. I consider “Dancing in the Eye of
Transformation” to be an important reference on my bookshelf for
healing, spirituality and personal transformation and a book that I will
return to time and again for that exact piece of wisdom or guidance I need. I really recommend that anyone who is interested in the workshops Sylvia teaches to go get this book and read it. It really covers a lot of detail and synthesizes the wide array of topics, ideas and exercises that she has to offer the world.

Melissa L. Wilreker
Awareness Based Massage Therapist
Anamcara Life Empowerment Program Instructor

Sylvia Brallier’s work has been developed through an evolutionary
process, it therefore has an experiential reality.. Her sincere desire
to help others though the means that she has found to connect herself
to the Reality of which we are all a part flow from the pages of this
Her openness and willingness to share her perspectives , her sense of
humor, her gentle acceptance and understanding, her love for all
people, come though this work. Sylvia definitely has something to offer
for the healing of ourselves and our planet. The universal
applicability and simplicity of the steps she offers are bound to
inspire many, regardless of culture, clime and time.
P.K. Willey PhD.