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By Laura Lyseight

Publisher : xlibris

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Laura Lyseight
Laura Lyseight has been a source of inspiration and great influence in the lives of many youngsters both students and children alike. Her burning ambition to see teens find and reach their full potential has driven her to prolifically write books to challenge, empower and enrich their live More...



Why do some teens make excellent grades all the time, while others barely get by? What do they know that the failing or average teen does not know? The core of Don’t Learn for Exams! Reveals the secrets of the highly successful teens, which are shared to motivate, guide, and help the average teens in staying focused and inspired throughout their studies. Ten chapters tackling on the knowledge and ten secret codes of the successful teens will surely bring about a turning point in their academic endeavor and will raise their enthusiasm to excel in every aspect of their lives. The eye-opening and informative ideas found in this enlightening book will enhance their learning abilities.

As a former teacher and now a private tutor, I realised that some teens have success encryted in their minds as they use certain strategies which I call secrets to help them pass their exams time and time again with exceptional ease. The average or failing student is ignorant about these secrets. In this book I share with teens, the success codes and challenging questions the successful teen uses to stay focused throught out their studies. What actually ignites that passion for success? What does an "A" student know, that the "C" student does not know? Shhh you are only a few secrets away to your success!

Hardcore last minute studying is never the way to go. "Don't Learn 4 Exams! Ten Exam Secrets of Highly Successful Teens" is a guide to beating tests and exceeding one's own expectations through test taking skills and figuring out what works for you as an individual. "Don't Learn 4 Exams!" is worth considering for any teen feeling the pressure of exams.


Margaret Lane
Reviewer's Bookwatch: August 2010
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

Reader friendly -  Adrian Lowson

Inspirational and Motivating to excellent grades. PATRICK L

Transformational studying experience for my son who was doing very poorly in school. Mr.James Flisher

How my daughter rose from being a "C" student to an "A" still buffles my mind it all boils down to the book DON'T LEARN 4 EXAMS!. Satisfied Mom of 15 year old.
DON'T LEARN 4 EXAMS! The cover first caught my eye, and this book has now changed my attitude towards my studies.
Briony Clarke.