Double Life

Full Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Dawson Vosburg

Publisher : D Productions Publishing

ABOUT Dawson Vosburg

Dawson Vosburg
i am DAWSON VOSBURG.i love MUSIC.i love MOVIES.i love BOOKS.I was born in the '90s ('94. Do the math--I turn 16 in August). I write books, movies, music, and reviews for all three.I have three brothers. They're great. Two older. One WEBSITE.


What if you could leap into your own overactive imagination? And what if you met your imaginary friends there? What if it was real? This all happens to an intelligent, imaginative boy named Josiah Jones, who finds a portal into his own world. Now, stuck inside, he has to fight the battle of his life inside his own head. This masterpiece of storytelling is fast, fresh, and fun, and keeps you engaged in this boy's strange double life between the imagined and the real.
"This is a book about a group of teenagers, written by a young author. Despite his tender age, Dawson writes in a refreshing punchy style. It is slightly reminiscent of a James Bond adventure, but with it being targeted at young adults, there is a unique perspective on the story.

Despite it being aimed at a much younger audience, I found the book an enjoyable read. Dawson enters the world of his imagination, meeting people that are familiar to him from his `real life'. He and his fellow agents have to overcome another organisation that is set on world domination, and they are not as concerning regarding non-violence as the BLUE agency. There is one major objective throughout the story, but plenty of problems along the way that Josiah and his fellow agents need to overcome. Some of these are completed successfully; others don't go quite as planned.

There is good interplay between the main characters, and as the story progresses their relationships develop from acquaintances into good friendships with strong ties for each other. The story is fast paced, giving the reader little time to pause, I found it a real page turner. Each chapter leaves you wanting to find out what happens next. I found the book drew me in so much that I read it in one sitting." --Kopek Review