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By Laura Lyseight

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

ABOUT Laura Lyseight

Laura Lyseight
Laura Lyseight has been a source of inspiration and great influence in the lives of many youngsters both students and children alike. Her burning ambition to see teens find and reach their full potential has driven her to prolifically write books to challenge, empower and enrich their live More...


In an apparently changing economic climate, succeeding in the world of business is everybody’s goal. Hence, there is a need for the teenagers to prepare and equip themselves with vital knowledge before handling their own businesses in the near future. But, what do these teens need to learn about entrepreneurship while they are still young to have a better advantage and a greater chance of succeeding in this field? Author Laura Lyseight’s new book Teens – Beat Future Economic Crisis!: Habits Of The Go-getter Entrepreneurial Teen will provide answers to this and other related questions to guide the young generation, especially those who dream to venture in the world of business.


Teens – Beat Future Economic Crisis! will give its readers the most incredible exposure to the habits of the go-getter entrepreneurial teen, before they are exposed to the real world.  It explores the kind of attitude the go-getter forms, knowing that their attitude in certain specific areas of life is what will determine their ultimate altitude. It exposes the secret on the knowledge they have on areas such as Practicing Delayed Gratification, Developing An Opportunist Eye, Learning From The Best Minds in the World, Adopting An Attitude Of Gratitude and more. It is filled with an in-depth wealth of wisdom and dependable understanding that only the go-getter entrepreneur applies to their lives daily.


Through this book, teens will find the value of financial education and learn of the importance of these revealed habits to avoid becoming a victim to any economic crisis now or in the future. Teens – Beat Future Economic Crisis!: Habits Of The Go-getter Entrepreneurial Teen is ideal for those who have unanswered questions about wanting to be an entrepreneur, planning on running their own business in the future or for those who are noticing the disastrous effects of the “Economic Recession” and “Nine to Five Jobs”.

After coaching so many teens, I realised the lack of financial education. Then again in my own personal teens years, I had unanswered questions on entrepreneurship. This book has been written to help expose teens to the habits of a go-getter entrepreneurial teen. I believe that developing an entrepreneurial skill is worthwhile for all of us, not just teens. Do not be educated only on how to work for somebody else, but develop yourself to build your own business, because God has already put that on the inside of you. You have that unique success recipe that the whole world is waiting for. Our educational system has not done much in the area of developing students to create and manage their own multimillion business and that is why I have written this book with the interest of teens at heart, to help them begin to have entrepreneurial mindsets. "The only way to make lots of money, will be in a business of your own." says America's former oil tycoon. You can do more with money, than without it.

My daughter who wants to go into business right after her A' level exams, read a copy of this book and she has been blown away by the exposures of the habits of the go-getter entrepreneurial teen. Sandra Moon.

Definitely our children need financial education, and this book is does just that. Wilfred Sone.

Financial education is not part of the National Curriculum in schools, but parents, grandparent, teachers, and government oficials will agree that, its lack is causing a havoc and even cooking greater disaster in the lives of our future leaders. This book must be introduced to all schools worldwide.
 F. Wales

My sons new interest after reading this book has been encouraging.
Amanda Ike.

This book keeps me motivated. I own  a small business and this book has tremendous helped me during my challenging days. They not only for teens, believe me. The wealth of knowledge will do anyone some good. Steve Merryl

This book will let anyone begin to see the possibilies after a "Nine to Five" job. Truely there is more to us than we can see. Amy Smithly

A book truely worth reading, my perception about get to school to get a job has changed.I will certainly finish my education, but want to be a student for life, learning to build businesses.
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Margaret Lane
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