The Last Warrior of Ertansha

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.

Publisher : TreasureLine Publishing

ABOUT Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.

Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.
Rick Wiggins has harbored a love of science fiction and fantasy books and movies for as long as anyone can remember.  He began to expand into his own world through writing many years ago.  His works at large, however, would not be shared with the deserving world until now.

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A camping trip where no one really wants him.  Ben accepts Ed's invitation more to frustrate Ed than anything else.  After all, he would be the only one without a partner, the spare tire only needed if one of the others went flat, and none of them intends for that to happen.  None intends to be caught in a freak storm and driven into a cave that appeared out of nowhere.  None intends it, but all are, so all are transported to a completely different world where the business of the day isn't Wall Street or high finance but staying alive.

Carol and Ed, Greg and Sue, John and Liza, Frank and Linda, and Ben.  Nine friends with one goal - stay alive and return home.  Can they overcome their fears, their petty jealousies, and work together, or will the overwhelming stress and dangers of this new world kill them all?  Why are they even there?  In a world filled with alien creatures - taloned birdmen, ferocious drags, crevwers and others, some answers come with brutal swiftness.  Others take longer.  Just know, "Fate leaves no battle unfinished.  Endings can only be delayed."