General Fiction

By Victor Fortezza

Publisher : Water Forest Press

ABOUT Victor Fortezza

victor fortezza
The son of Sicilian immigrants, I've lived in Brooklyn all my life except for the time I spent at Western Michigan University, from which I graduated in 1971. I've had 49 short stories published in small press magazines. I contribute articles to I have three books in print, nov More...



A young man, Brooklyn born, adjusts to life in the midwest, to marriage, fatherhood, his strained relationship with his single mom, the changing racial mix in his school, and the imminent dismissal of his mentor, the head coach, circa 1973 - Life, Love, Football

My most fascinating experiences playing and coaching football wrapped inside the story of a troubled young man trying to embrace the good with which he has been blessed.

“Rick wondered if there were, anywhere in America, a wholesome rivalry between neighboring schools, one that did not feature complex, dark undercurrents. It seemed that such innocence was dead, that the nation would never again experience it.”

Rick Caso is an everyday guy that coaches high school football, is married, and finds himself dealing with relationship issues. He struggles with the way life ought to be rather than how life has turned out. These are battles many of us can understand.  

Mr. Fortezza uses football as a metaphor for life. Ah, but that is such a nice neat way to describe Adjustments; a novel that is anything but nice and neat. Vic Fortezza knows his football. He not only takes the readers into the the grit of the game and competition, but he also reveals the intricate lives of those involved.  

Readers, whether they love football or not, will fall for this realistic story of life and enjoy it to the very last word. 

Reviewed by Ann Hite, author of Beautiful Wreck