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ABOUT Huda Ab Rahman

Huda Ab Rahman
I am the author of Metamorphosis, and I'm currently working on the entire the entire World of Freaks series!



Meet Nadirah—a tongue-tied girl with a verbose mind. But that’s not her only secret; she’s a psychic and longs for excitement in her life. Following an advice, she seeks for the fated butterfly, yet who knows that a single butterfly could lead to a handful of mind-boggling mysteries, and even an overwhelming trip to the 19th Century! Now that’s her cup of tea.

I have always wanted to write this kind of story, where a girl overcomes her weakness and embraces her flaws, and at the same time, having fun with her life. Things are not going to be smooth all the time, and you really need to rely on your head to get through all the puzzles. I really hope you can figure out the puzzles in the book as well as Nadirah and her friends!