Bargaining for Our Lives

Bargaining for Our Lives

ABOUT Jennifer Heyns

Jennifer Heyns
Columnist and Author of Bargaining for Our Lives, healthcare memoir. Hoping to change the world by showing people how to get the best quality, affordable care regardless of insurance status.


This healthcare memoir is an essential read for every American, regardless of health insurance status. Take an inside look at one family's experiences in successfully navigating the world of healthcare without health insurance.

Read about their journey and the lessons they've learned and see how very simple it is to take a more active and involved roll in your own healthcare to find the channels for obtaining the best quality healthcare at affordable rates.

Uninsured readers can learn how to ensure they are taken care of properly without having to sacrifice personal financial wellness. Those who are insured will see the importance of keeping closer tabs on medical professionals and insurance companies to ensure proper care is given and that costs incurred in their behalf are billed appropriately.

The government cannot fix our healthcare system, they can only force costs to rise as the quality of care in our nation continues to decline. Only by becoming completely involved, responsible and accountable for our own healthcare can We the People bring about the type of healthcare reform that will benefit us as a whole.

After successfully navigating the world of healthcare without insurance for nearly a decade I decided it was time to share the lessons we'd learned with the rest of the nation, in particular the 47 million other Americans who do the same. Once written I realized how valuable this book truly is. The timing, while unintentional, was perfect as the publication coincided with Obama's healthcare reform bill. This book shows the true meaning of healthcare reform - taking an individual stance on becoming our own best healthcare advocates. For readers who have health insurance, this book is equally important, if not more, because you may be taking much for granted in allowing your health insurance company to advocate for you. Insurance is a business, don't let big business dictate your care!