Mystery & Thrillers

By Joseph Finder

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ABOUT Joseph Finder

Joseph Finder
Joseph Finder is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Paranoia, Power Play, Killer Instinct (named Best Novel by the International Thriller Writers), Company Man (winner of the Barry Award), as well as High Crimes, the basis of the Morgan Freeman/Ashley Judd movie. A member of the  More...



Adam Cassidy is twenty-six and a low-level employee at a high-tech corporation who hates his job. When he manipulates the system to do something nice for a friend, he finds himself charged with a crime. Corporate Security gives him a choice: prison—or become a spy in the headquarters of their chief competitor, Trion Systems.

They train him. They feed him inside information. Now, at Trion, he's a star, skyrocketing to the top. He finds he has talents he never knew he possessed. He's rich, drives a Porsche, lives in a fabulous apartment, and works directly for the CEO. He's dating the girl of his dreams.

His life is perfect. And all he has to do to keep it that way is betray everyone he cares about and everything he believes in.

But when he tries to break off from his controllers, he finds he's in way over his head, trapped in a world in which nothing is as it seems and no one can really be trusted.

And then the real nightmare begins. . . .
"Jet-propelled...this twisting, stealthily plotted story...weaves a tangled and ingeniously enveloping web...[with a] killer twist for the end." -The New York Times

"Last year belonged to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code...this year's first contender for Page Turner of the Year is Joseph Finder's Paranoia."-USA Today

"Riveting...perhaps the finest of the contemporary thriller novelists, Finder is reminiscent of Michael Crichton, only with more character development and less slavish attention to the case of Paranoia, he's an expert on suspenseful storytelling that is at once slick and may think you've read one mystery too many. Find Finder and you'll think again."- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette