28 Day Financial Renaissance

ABOUT Osiola Henderson

Osiola Henderson
Hi, my name is Osiola Henderson and although I take on many roles at times, I am very passionate about one thing, success!  I live to help others succeed and believe by doing so I will, in turn, be rewarded with success.  I am a youth basketball coach, very motivated and easily excited o More...


If your teachers would have taught you as much about finances as they did about Shakespeare in school, do you believe that your finances would be in better shape today?  In life you can correct a lot of mistakes but the hardest to correct is usually your finances. Getting your finances on track is highly rated on the New Year’s resolution list each and every year but unfortunately you haven’t been able to make much progress.  You have tried to make changes, tried to limit your spending, even tried to hold off the urge to shop but no matter what you do the results are still the same. 

How would your life be different if you knew a bit more about finances?  If you were given the tools to get out of debt and given information about financial issues that you face each and every day, could you then get your finances on track?  How long would it take you to learn what you needed to know to effectively make financial decisions that will help you to improve your financial situation? 

The 28 Day Financial Renaissance is about helping you to achieve financial success.  The goal is to teach you enough to tackle financial obstacles that may come your way daily while also equipping you to finally take advantage of some financial opportunities.  Twenty –eight days is what you will use to reinvent yourself financially.  Twenty-eight days is what it will take for your finances to be reborn.  The only question left to ask is, what are you waiting on?