Igniting the Sacred Fire - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Adrianna Larkin

Publisher : Minan Publishing

Igniting the Sacred Fire - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age

ABOUT Adrianna Larkin

Adrianna Larkin
After a long career as a nurse and small business owner I have reinvented myself as an author, singer, songwriter, and radio show host.  I released my first book "Igniting the Sacred Fire - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age" on May 1, 2010 and it is available for puchase through m More...


As a powerful addition to the self-help genre, this book offers valuable information on reinventing yourself at any age. In a candid yet whimsical account, author Adrianna Larkin shares her own story of reinventing her life as a performance artist in the face of personal and financial crisis. The reader is gifted a process in a series of 11 steps to help define, empower, and make choices that are in alignment with the calling of one's heart and a life of renewed purpose.

In the deepest recesses of our fear lies at least one nightmare that we pray will never see daylight. Some of those dreams are unthinkable, some are life-altering. And a select few simply don’t like to travel solo. In the summer of 2009, Adrianna Larkin woke to a July morning that could no longer hold the nightmares back. They stood next to her as she locked the doors of the family retail business that for years had successfully supported her, her husband, and her son.


She was fifty years old—and when she looked in the mirror she was face to face with a sudden and complete loss of income, dual unemployment, personal bankruptcy, and foreclosure. She was staring at a stranger, and she was terrified. It was tempting to pull the covers over her head indefinitely, but instead she put her feet on the floor and took on what many would only dream of—and what she dared not to dream of as a woman in her twenties—a reinvention born of her one true passion: music.


Her story is a journey, one told in real time with heart and humor as she stumbles in believing doubt, and doubting belief, until she reaches a number of destinations where those ill-fit puzzle pieces find a truer match. 


Ms. Larkin beautifully demonstrates that nothing is an accident. All can be overcome by recognizing and welcoming true purpose, and unlimited potential exists in each of us if we heed the voice of our soul and ignite our Sacred Fire. She invites you to join her on the journey—but more importantly she invites you to book passage on your own. 

Igniting the Sacred Fire - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age is a story of transformation, inspiration, re - invention, courage, and trust, ripped from the pages of author Adrianna Larkin’s life and woven into a powerful, easy-to-read-and-comprehend manual for life.