Broken but not Forgotten

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By Suellen Fry

Publisher : Self

ABOUT Suellen Fry

Suellen Fry
Suellen Fry has established her credibility as a Christian Inspirational writer over the past 4 years. Her work has been published in many online magazines and Christian websites such as Ezra Web,, Faith Readers magazine, and more. Her first book, 'Broken but not Forgotten More...


As the years passed my relationship with God withered. I knew the Lord by name and was able to quote from the bible. But the one thing I was lacking was a true friendship with Jesus. I hadn't completely given myself to my maker. As I muttered empty prayers and clueless words, my life spiraled downward. Until one day-I crashed. That's what it took for me to realize that I was broken and my vessel was shattered in a million pieces. I had only one place to go-straight to the heart of Jesus. If you have spent years riding the fence or muttering empty prayers. If you have been hurting and keep finding yourself in the same lonely place-I invite you to read my book. I encourage you to take a chance and give yourself completely to the Lord. He will never desert you. He will sit patiently and wait for you to surrender. I pray that my book will rivet every fiber of your soul and touch your heart as you read the words God inspired me to write.

My book was self-inspired by my experiences as I struggled in my personal journey with God. After a broken marriage and living in a back-slidden state, I felt broken and beyond repair. I didn’t feel worthy of His love. But the Lord had different plans for me. He began to heal my broken spirit-one day at a time. God revealed the power of His love, as He began to bind up my wounds. During this healing process I struggled with my faith. The Lord chose not to give up on me and to my surprise; I was entering into a new relationship with Jesus. My spiritual journey allowed me to forgive myself and others. For the first time, I felt close to the Lord and began a true and intimate relationship with my Father in Heaven. As the pain lifted, I was instructed to write this book. Every Story is a divine testimony inspired by God. The only credit I can take is that I chose to obey!