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Hardin Monie
Author, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Relationship & Business Coach
After surviving Desert Storm, near death experience, abuse, divorce, and much disappointment. Monie' survived, to encourage others. Monie' passion is to empower, enhance, and encourage others to live life with exci More...



6 Pages of Pleasure.How to Please a Woman from a Male Perspective, Ebook Edition is your key to better sex, better relationships-and better understanding. Learn how to read a woman's mind and body and how to eliminate the obstacles standing in the way of your spiritual and emotional connection. 
This sensual little volume reveals the secrets you're dying to know-and your mate hope you'll find out. This material is non-intrusive and for improving your love life.

From personal experience, learning and applying techniques makes for your own success in a beautiful relationship. Sharing how to keep the sizzle in your life makes life more fulfilling and happy not only for you but the one you love.

Impressive and informative reading that shifts the way you romance and love your woman.  Monie' hold your attention in an informative manner.  Macaiah Tillman, Author

Wow!! It's on point. Men need to take the time, stop rushing to "get theirs" and make a woman feel like she's the best thing in the world. When he can pray for her, protect her, provide for her financially and physcially there's almost nothing she won't do for her man. Understand it's not about the material things all the time, it's about unconditional love, commitment, honesty, trustworthy, being a real friend before being lovers, being there during the good times and the bad times. Chris P.

Oh my.....this takes my breath away. Soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing this :-) tiffany A.

Keep bringing the heat into the bedroom my friend,
Ty "TygerGoods"

WOW! After 23 years of marriage I have never heard a man speak this way. I always hear "how woman was made for man and therefore all should be done to stroke his ego". WOW! Again I say WOW!