How To Well Please A Woman From A Male Perspective


By LaVerne Adekunle

Publisher : Hardin Monie

ABOUT LaVerne Adekunle

laVerne Adekunle
Author, Writer, Consultant, Event Organizer. My complete bio can be found on my personal website.


How to Please a Woman from a Male Perspective, Ebook Edition is your key to better sex, better relationships-and better understanding. Learn how to read a woman's mind and body, and your love life will sizzle! This sensual little volume reveals the secrets you're dying to know-and your lovers hope you'll find out.

Monie' personal experience brings advice with real-life metaphors and practical advice for women and men. How to Please a Woman from a Male Perspective is one of Monie's passion to bring understanding to couples and enhance relationships.

Impressive and informative reading that shifts the way you romance and love your woman.  Macaiah Tillman, Author of ItsYour Time