Reba by Madison C. Scott

ABOUT Madison Scott

Madison Scott
Madison has been writing stories for a long, long time. Not really that long in reality, but for the greater part of her life she has been scribbling something on a piece of paper. Homeschooled from kindergarten through her graduation from highschool, Madison devoured every English-related More...


"If your family is with you, you don’t need the approval of friends; and if your family is big enough, you don’t even need friends! Or, you don’t if you’re Reba Chester. No one else approves of her, or the things she does. "A lady," they claim, "does not rope cattle, she does not ride bareback. A lady does not even know how to handle a gun, and most certainly has never killed a man! A lady does not go visit her sister and deliver her baby nephew before leaving. A lady would never ride in a horse race and she wouldn’t refuse a proposal from the aristocratic, landed, but also undeniably dumb and deceitful young Bruce Lawton!" But Reba does all of these things and more. No one but her family approves of her actions, and that doesn’t bother her. She’s a new kind of lady, and the people of Bramble Ford would do well to realize it!"