The Case

General Fiction

By Mel Nicolai

Publisher : Lulu

ABOUT Mel Nicolai

Mel Nicolai
They say my head is full of tiny magnetic fields!


"Some nights are just dark spots in space." So begins a surreal journey into the mind and ornate miscalculations of Brock Meirski, who for years has been trying to make sense of a persistent, ubiquitous mystery he calls The Case...

THE CASE - Pattern-recognition On Overload
A day or two in the life of a pattern-recognizer of such heightened perception he has to push hundreds of meanings out of the way just to walk across a room. He might even give Taffy Atom a run for his money - and not a shot fired.

-- Steve Aylett

This is a book as designed by Mandelbrot, fed through The Matrix and, well, I don't know yet... I am enthralled. It reminds me of Max Barry's 'Syrup', another exercise in the crazed royalty of hip that kept me smiling and grabbing the pages...
-- Tim Roux