The Baby River Angel

Family & Relationships, General Fiction, Romance

By Robert Hays

Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

ABOUT Robert Hays

Robert Hays
Robert Hays has been a newspaper reporter, public relations writer, magazine editor, and university professor and administrator. A native of Illinois, he taught in Texas and Missouri and retired in 2008 from a long journalism teaching career at the University of Illinois. He has spent a gr More...


When Birdie Wilson and his two boys find a baby floating in a basket on the Ohio River, they can't begin to imagine the impact their discovery is to have on their little town of Cambria. Accepting Birdie's dictum that the child welfare people will name her "Baby Jane Doe" and lose her in their impersonal system, the townspeople, led by Mayor Johnnie White, set out to keep the baby a secret from the authorities and take care of her until they find out who she is. Surprising things take place. Cambrians who've never agreed on anything come together. Good things happen to those who get involved. Father Jacob and Pastor Mike, always competitive, work together. Granny Vogler, the town sorehead, and Ida Quattlebaum, reclusive heir to the Quattlebaum Steamboat Company fortune, find common interests. Molly Hearst, who cares for and comes to love the baby like her own, finds love with Lynn Swafford, a deputy sheriff searching for the baby after one of Birdie's boys inadvertently reveals her existence. And the questions remains--where did this baby come from?   

This one is an upbeat, positive and happy story in which people come together and good things happen. It has a bit of mystery, a bit of romance, a bit of the paranormal, and even a LOW SPEED car chase.