ABOUT Robin Clark

Robin Clark
Robin Clark is a trained film editor, registered homeopath and the writer of these new generation of spiritual books. Based on sacred geometry and holographic fractal narratives, Robin brings words and art together to create the highest in spiritual healing. These books may be read as uniq More...



An epic journey to redeem the Soul and reclaim Sovereignty.

A book to move the mind...enabling you to see the world with new eyes.Through these pages you will learn to "see" through old thinking habits that prevent spiritual awakening and freedom. Voyager will also guide you through the gentle act of healing trauma from your past that may also block you from living your true life.

Voyager is a definitive book on spiritual awakening and transformation. Fully researched, this book opens up doors of perception and encourages the reader to consider far-reaching questions. 

We are born to a beautiful world blessed with natural wonders. Most of us now have forgotten we are apart of this natural world and live inside an artificial existance; a world not real but created by a myriad of illusions superimposed over life. But there is a way back to freedom and true life and you hold the key!

Using a creative blend of art and philosophy, poetry and science, this carefully crafted book will take you on an spiritual voyage that dares to cross the horizon between the world of your mind and soul. Luxuriantly multi-layered illustrations contain deeper and often elusive messages that encourage the phenomena of an awakening mind to spiritual consciousness.

"A deeply thought provoking spiritual journey with many insights into the soul." - Joshua Davis, School Psychologist