Crack, Love, N Pain

Parenting & Families

By Rod Harvey

Publisher : Standing on The Word

ABOUT Rod Harvey

Rod Harvey
I was born in Hempstead, New York in 1967 and am the youngest boy of six children.  I continued my early years in New York until the age of fourteen, when my mother agreed to allow me to move to Brandon, Mississippi with relatives for the remaining part of my education.  To be clear, thi More...


In "Crack, Love, N Pain" Rod Harvey gives a honest, powerful testimony of his 20 year addiction to crack cocaine. He takes you from the very first hit of rock cocaine, and over the years of the madness. It's a sad, funny, scary story of years of drama, uncut and hard core. Yet God's Love, Grace, N Mercey spared Rod's life to share his testimony.

Crack, Love, N Pain is a nonfiction book base on the true story of a son, father, husband, and brother on the road of addiction and his painful journey to sobriety. Due to the high number of inmates affected by addiction, impoverished families suffering from heartbreak and the increased number of single family homes are all directly related to the influx of drug use across the United States. Crack, love, n Pain is a story of HOPE and triumph in a seemingly hopeless situation. Currently you will not find a book that provides a more RAW account of addiction starts, why it continues, and the honest truth behind what it takes to end the ugly cycle of choice that addictions cause. ~Kaari Mitchell~

Whether you are the addict looking for a way to stop, the family member, wondering what to do next, or the lover of an addict, that see's NO light at the end of the tunnel, Crack, love, N Pain will fulfill your need to understand and point you towards the path to redemption. this book is simply a must read.
                                                 ~kaari Mitchell~
If you are looking for a discussion piece in the books you are adding to your list, then this is one you can't go wrong with.
~ Cyrus Webb~

...... We ALL have a friend/family member/ both or know someone that battles an addiction..{Some of us have many addicted people n our lives}..Whether you’re the addict, friend of one, lover of one, family member of one....addiction affects all of us..