Max And Daisy's Adventure To The Big Woods

Children's Books

By Zetta Hupf

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Zetta Hupf

Zetta Hupf
Zetta grew up in a small town called Thomas, WV, the youngest of eight children.  She joined the U.S. Army right out of High School and met her husband while in the military.  Zetta and her husband are Desert Storm Veterans.   She now lives in Kaukauna, WI with her husband Chris,  More...


Synopsis:  Max and Daisy have always wanted to go on an adventure to the big woods.  Finally, Jimmy their owner decides to take them with him.  They come across many different types of animals.  What do you think they’ll find?  Come along with Max and Daisy to see what happens on their Adventure To The Big Woods!

Excerpt:  Jimmy, Max and Daisy walked further in to the big woods.  They heard a rustling noise in the tall grass.  Max and Daisy took off to see what was making all of that noise. 

    “Hold on!” called Jimmy.  “You don’t know what is in there, we need to make sure it’s safe.”

    Jimmy slowly walked to the tall grass and took a peek.  Daisy and Max were right on his heels.  They were very curious and couldn’t wait to see what they had found this time.

    “Wow, what is that?”  Daisy said as she looked to Jimmy for an answer.

    “I’ve seen them in the back yard before,” added Max.  “They are always out by the garden, but I never had the chance to see one up close.”