The Vampire Hunters

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Scott M. Baker

Publisher : Shadowfire Press

ABOUT Scott M. Baker

Scott M. Baker
I am a horror/urban fantasy author who lives in nothern Virginia. My most recent works include several zombie-related short stories that have appeared in the e-zine Necrotic Tissue or in Living Dead Press' anthologies. I am finishing work on The Vampire Hunters trilogy, which is being ubl More...



            The Vampire Hunters are Drake Matthews and Alison Monroe, two former cops who turned in their badges for stakes, and Jim Delmarco, an engineering student with a knack for converting everyday household items into lethal weapons against the undead. Their target is a nest of more than twenty vampires that are preying on Washington D.C., and which is led by two masters: Ion Zielenska, who prefers indulging his decadence over ensuring the nest’s survival, and Antoinette Varela, who realizes that for the nest to survive the hunters must be eliminated.  Determined to rid Washington of this ultimate evil, the hunters wage a relentless yet secret war against the vampire threat terrorizing the city.

            Caught in the middle are the unwitting citizens of Washington, including Jessica Reynolds, a reporter for The Washington Standard.  Jessica sets out to write an investigative report on what is going on behind the scenes in Washington.  Instead, Jessica becomes the story when Ion and Antoinette abduct her and use her as bait to lure the hunters into a final battle with the entire nest.