Parenting with the Ex Factor

ABOUT Jill Darcey

Jill Darcey
Jill Darcey (author, parent, founder, and speaker), is a mother of three with thousands of hours of experience as a counsellor and coach, and more than a decade of real-time experience with Complex Family parenting.  She is someone who has both vision and wisdom and has learned a lot of w More...



Positive, practical and real! A 'must read' for those affected by separation, divorce or some form of family breakdown. Over 420 pages packed on how to practically parent beyond separation, including answers to over 60 real FAQs. 

From the author, Jill Darcey:- 
"I can assure you, divorce is not a life sentence to parental failure. Be encouraged - it can be the beginning of a foundation firmly based in the concepts of living a more authentic and meaningful life with your children. As many of us have experienced, father’s become Dads, often far beyond what they would have otherwise been. Mothers become the Mum they find peace with rather than someone whose traditional expectations they struggle to live up to. There is a newness and freshness to being a parent when you work constructively with your Ex to provide the best of both worlds, as my own children frequently describe their lives. 

Throughout these pages you will be part of my own story, sharing in those things that have worked well and those that have not. You will read about others who walked their own road and the choices they made. Combining in a uniquely positive perspective on parenting beyond separation, we focus on raising our children free from the scaring we see as painfully normal." 

Having penned her first book, "Parenting with the Ex Factor", Jill works to inspire divorced parents to ʻstop drinking poison' and start constructively building a new parenting model. Jill's passion is working with people to gain greater skills and knowledge — and she loves parenting! Putting the two together, her mission is to work alongside parents to grow the best parenting style for their children and for future generations.

“Your mastery and eloquence has brought tears to my eyes as I was transfixed with these messages of truth.  So beautifully written and compelling for the reader to absorb and embody these truths.”

“... can't fault you on your content.  You have set out the stage / age correlation well. It is readable making it easily understood for those who may not be educated in this area and yet the information is in abundance for those who may know a great deal more ...”