The Sugar Bunch

General Fiction

By Brenda Beard

Publisher : Point of View Publishing

ABOUT Brenda Beard

Brenda Beard
I enjoy crafting amazing stories, by creating believable characters and weaving together convincing plot. Writing fiction is my passion because each story is always unique. Not like the mundane repetition of everyday stuff peope write and talk about. Though at times life may seem strange More...



The Sugar Bunch are five tumultuous tales of greed,envy, pride, and lust, but ultimately of love and redemption. Five friends return to thier home town after many years and reflect on a time when the were twelve and had buried a secret that wreaked havoc on thier adult lives.

As a Behavioral Science major, I have a keen understanding of what makes poeple tick. The story behind my book reveals the attitudes and behaviors of people with negative biological, psychological and social inluences that mold and create who they become. In a sense, we don't' have much of a choice in who we become.However, we are born pure of heart. What happens in the time between birth and death is what affects so many lives. The Sugar Bunch is a story about real self discovery.