Religion & Spirituality

By Kendall Rogers

Publisher : K. M. Rogers

ABOUT Kendall Rogers

Kendall Rogers
Some call me an orthodox Christian, others call me an enlightened pagan. What people say is their opinion; my objective is the Divine Truth. I desire only for you to reflect on the soul, your soul, and pray that in doing so the One who is incarnate Truth will call your name, and that your  More...



He's called many things...Savior, Messiah, the Christ, The One. So many different names. He introduced Himself to the world atop a hillside many centuries ago and the world still hasn’t gotten over it. Do you know this man or is He merely a stained glass image to gaze upon?

This book has only one goal: to get you to know Him and become better aquainted with Him, the real Jesus, and not the stained glass image we might be more comfortable with. If you've never known Him or follow religion and not the Redeemer, then this is a turning point for you. He’s come to save us all. Are you ready?