Wishful Thinking

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Karen Crumley

Publisher : Dragondreamz Publicatons

ABOUT Karen Crumley

Karen Crumley
Over 20 years ago Wannabe ballerina K. Crumley hung up her point shoes, and sat down at the typewriter. A long-time lover of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, and Oscar Wilde led her to create stories of her own.  The most notable was The Golden Rose.  Crumley enrol More...


Prima Ballerina Maevis Etherwood returned home one night to find her husband in bed with a young actress...What transpired afterwords remains a mystery, even to Maevis herself. 

The next morning, Maevis woke up on the floor unconscious...Her husband and his mistress lay in bed, dead. 

Investigators are baffled by the lack of forensic evidence....
Not realizing that Maevis & Her sister are Faeries, capable of making even the most remote wish come true as they lose control over their powers in this non-magical realm.

Could she really be guilty of Wishful Thinking?

This story started out as a teen mystery when I was in college, with only two sisters both orphaned. The one sister is accused of killing her fiance... It was on the back burner for quite a while, because I actually preferred writing fantasy to typical coming of age stories. Then, years ago I had a dream that I turned into a faerie...which breathed new life into an old idea. I wrote the first chapter as an for a writing contest...to which I wound up not entering. Instead, I kept developing my idea...adding two more sisters; and a family dilemma inspired by real life controversy. Most of the characters are inspired by artwork of Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, and Ruth Thompson. The home of the Etherwood sisters was inspired by a gorgeous estate in Oakmont, PA which I always adored. The character Cayden was inspired by my own sister, who was just like her at that age. Xandria was partially inspired by the character Shannon on Lost. A sequel is in the works....