I am Jamal

ABOUT Lee Mullins

Lee Mullins
Born and raised in New York, moved to Philadelphia, author of "I am Jamal" available FREE! on Freado, the day job is teaching.



Jamal is a fourth grader who lives in West Philadelphia, and fights terrorists, rats, kids in the schoolyard, and scary monster gods to save his mother's soul.

When I was teaching 2nd grade in West Philadelphia, I realized that there were many beautiful illustrated story books and lots of interesting young adult fiction for African American children but few introductory chapter books or middle grade books. This meant my kids didn't have any books to identify with in this crucial step to learning how to read independently. This book is my attempt to fill this gaping hole. It is also an old fashioned mystery suspense fantasy yarn with lots of action. Available for FREE download! Please read, comment and tell your friends about it!