Forts: Fathers & Sons

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Steven Novak

Publisher : Parallel Worlds, an imprint of Canonbridge LLC

ABOUT Steven Novak

Steven Novak
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Steven Novak has spent the majority of his life drawing, writing, and creating. In doing so he’s forsaken things like a personal life, social graces, and good hygiene.
     After spending four years at the Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columb More...


For Tommy Jarvis, life has never been simple - quite the opposite, in fact. It is, however, about to become decidedly more difficult. Moments after stumbling through a doorway to another world, Tommy and his friends discover they are the key to ending a war in which the casualties are too great to count and their chances of survival are almost nonexistent.