Here Comes Cousin Albert

Children's Books

By Paul Wood

Publisher : BenToby Books, an imprint of Canonbridge LLC

Here Comes Cousin Albert

ABOUT Paul Wood

Paul Wood
Paul Wood has travelled far since he saw the light of day on the banks of the River Mersey in England.  Early childhood had some interesting challenges and developments that shaped his path for the future. 
     Fates conspired to take him into a world of international travel.  More...



We all know a Cousin Albert from our childhood, and likely our kids do, too.  Join Cousin Albert as he gets into the mud, eats too much and gets in trouble at every turn. 

Paul Wood's first children's story about Cousin Albert is written in rhyme, a stanza to a page, and is accompanied by illustrations by Steven Novak. Kids of all ages will relate, but this is definitely geared to ages 4 through 8.