Rocked By Murder

Mystery & Thrillers

By Ken Kreckel

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Ken Kreckel

Ken Kreckel
Ken Kreckel’s historical novel, The Rommel Mission [Red Engine Press, 2007] focuses on the attempted surrender of German forces just after D-day. He has also published a geologically based mystery, Rocked By Murder and one of his short stories was included in the anthology Foreign Ground More...



Visiting professor of geology John Jennick discovers the body of his longtime friend and colleague lying next to his work in a deserted lab, his head crushed. When suspicion falls upon him, the professor endeavors to find the perpetrator. From the first, an English woman, a fellow instructor in the department, volunteers to assist him. As they work together, a mutual attraction develops, one that is problematic for our professor, as he is still mourning the untimely death of his wife, the event which drove him to the university. The investigation takes them through a myriad of deceptions and suspicions, ultimately leading to tragic past events that have come to life in the present. Our professor must confront his own past as well, one well guarded by his own private demons, to discover who killed his friend, and more importantly, why.