Water Magick : Learning to Flow

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Takayu Bast

Publisher : Takayu Publications

ABOUT Takayu Bast

Takayu Bast
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This Beautiful Spiral Notebook style Journal has over 60 blank pages at the end just waiting for you to write your own water spells that will help shape your New Goddess Self.

Enjoy! this personalized sacred journal that is a delicate blend of  goddess energy,intuitions and metaphysics, creating a form of modern day magick called Sacred Metaphysics.This journal will aide you in awakening your own inner goddess for new practioners and for those of you practicing for years this is a lovely sacred book of shadows to store all your sacred spells, rituals, and other practices. The author uses a blend of inner child healing techniques,journaling,and water magick to bring about a releasing of old contracts that hold us back from our goddess state. You will be urged  to take back control of your Sanity,Spirituality which will lead you down the road of Self Mastery. Dive into water magick and allow it to wash away your old habbits,making room for your waking goddess.