Blind Spots:The Memoirs of a Baby Boomer on the Rocky Road Towards Spiritual Awakening

Religion & Spirituality

By John Rullo

Publisher : Outskirts Press

ABOUT John Rullo

John Rullo
A graduate of Queens College with a degree in communication arts and a minor in creative writing, John Rullo has spent the last forty years composing and performing songs in rock bands in the New York Metropolitan area. Retired from his day job, he now writes his unique blend of irreverent More...


They say God works in mysterious ways. John Domenico should know. In his 50 plus years, he's embarked on a seeker's journey that has taken him from steadfast Catholicism to born-again Christianity to a unique kind of inclusive spirituality. Blind Spots: The Memoirs of a Baby Boomer on the Rocky Road towards Spiritual Awakening collects his insightful and often humorous thoughts, reflections and critiques on all of them. The result is a deliciously candid and frank book that will appeal to anyone who's ever struggled to understand his or her faith.

From early on, it's clear Domenico marched to his own drummer. As a child, he learns to question his family's Catholic faith - and finds plenty of trouble from the nuns and priests in Catholic school. Subsequent to his experimentation in the 1960's and 70's, Domenico settles down and, after initial resistance, discovers Pentecostalism. But eventually he finds cracks in his latest belief system, and he sets out for what will be the most spiritually fulfilling quest of all.Interspersed are compelling asides on his personal life, as well as the politics, major events, personalities and trends that have shaped the last half-century.

Throughout it all, Domenico's sensitivity and keen wit masterfully transform an ordinarily timeworn subject, that under his care, is crafted into a thought-provoking, rollicking ride that might just get you questioning your own deeply held beliefs...

A moving collection of heartfelt memories with an honest grip of human nature, INSPIRING and capturing an authentic life lived with humility and humor. John Domenico's writing style is comparable to any of the great writers or our time. His witiness, sense of humor and most importantly, his ability to communicate his thoughts and experiences for the common man to understand is absolutely remarkable. Blind Spots is a book that everybody not only should read but NEEDS to read. When we discover that true spirituality comes from above and is within us and not through some Sunday morning going to church, three piece suit preacher, there for the dollar, you will discover the very personal and profound relationship you truly have with your creator. John's ability to transform this radical idea into every day living and common sense will open your eyes to the true meaning of God, His gifts to us, and the disdain for all the false prophets that have infested this earth with lies and deceit to gain power and control of humankind. With all that being said, this book is hysterical and you won't stop laughing with his anecdotal approach to the realities of this life. Once you open this book and begin to read, you literally won't be able to put it down. I strongly recommend everyone to read this book. It should be required reading for all generations looking to find the true meaning of LOVE. Don't pick up this book to start and read unless you have the time. Once started, you will not put it down! Everything everyone can relate to yet fears to speak out loud.

What a fabulous ride down memory lane. You will not be able to put this book down once you pick it up. Well written, humorous, sensitive, moving and always interesting. You will certainly remember much of what Mr. Domenico has put down on paper so succinctly. Worth a read - definitely!

Domenico's interspersing of his quest for spirituality with his honestly told life's highs and lows makes for an excellent read. It must have taken a lot of courage to question the core of his upbrninging, and to always keep a sense of humor while doing so.....definitely recommended!
John Domenico has captured the religious confusion and pathos of those young Americans who were the second and third generation sons and daughters of the Italian and Irish immigrants who settled in New York. By his own life, he tells a deeply moving story of their American experience, one of lives held in suspension between the old world of their parents and the new; a suspension full of questioning, doubt and uncertainty. He takes the reader with him from his early catholic schooling on to a metaphysical self realization in many ways far beyond the Christ image of today's institutional Christianity. It is a road that takes him from his Roman Catholic schooling through born again Pentecostalism and into another spiritual dimension. It ends with a very personal discovery of a true understanding of himself and his relationship to his creator and with a revelation relating to the purpose of our lives on this planet that readers will want to ponder.

Loved John Domenico's book, Blind Spots, as I have never read or seen a book that so intimately describes the details of moving into the "born again" Christian movement, making personal and spiritual discoveries and consequently his journey of moving out and beyond the smallness of religiosity with all of it's limitations. Very few people would have the humility and courage to write about such a personal and challenging experience as did John. So thank you John for the comfort this book brought to me and many others who struggled through the born again movement.