Shante, Run for your Life

General Fiction

By Shirley Caruth

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ABOUT Shirley Caruth

Shirley Caruth
I am 67 years old.  I have one published book through Publish America. I play games at with 3 different leagues.  I recently moved to Riverdale, Georgia from Illinois.  I love writing and reading books.  I also write poetry.




   A work of fiction about an abused woman who finally finds love in her life.

Shante’s afraid of life because she never lived a normal one. What she has learned from life came from neglect and abuse. John, Shante’s husband ‘is an abusive man that beats her. Shante tries unsuccessfully to take her own life, but failing she decides to run to be free and for her life. Shante reached out to David for the love she never had, a hopeless dream. Though David’s in with love Shante, he ended their affair to stay with Monica, a woman he lives with. Monica’s holding on to David with the threat of suicide and ending their baby’s life. Vera’s, David’s sister becomes Shante’s good friend. She wanted Shante and David to be together. She stands by Shante even after the affair ends. Vera has been in Shante’s shoes and has broken away from being abused. When love comes to Shante once again, she blinds herself to it denying any real feeling she has for Kevin and to her self. Kevin has been falling in love with her from their first meeting. He gave up his way of life for Shante. He kept and lived with her secret. Shante finally realizes that she’s in love with Kevin. Shante finally stops running.