Mystery & Thrillers

By Bob Spear

Publisher : Spear's Mint Editions Publishing

ABOUT Bob Spear

Bob Spear
Bookstore owner, author, professional book reviewer, and coach, Bob Spear is a historical performer (Buffalo Bill Cody and Burl Ives), a storyteller, and professional musician. He borrows from his own 25-year career in Army intelligence to lend realism to the stories he writes



2nd in the Leavenworth, Kansas
Enos Hobson Series
by Bob Spear
Based on a true incident in Leavenworth’s amazing past, retired Army Intelligence LTC Enos Hobson teams up with his daughter, Samantha, and two genealogy experts to track down a homicidal arsonist (The Firebug) who takes revenge on descendants of the ring leaders of a 5,000-man mob who burnt an innocent man at the stake in 1901. Follow the development of Sheba, the Rhodesian Ridgeback hound.

Based on the true incident of the burning alive of 21- year-old Fred Alexander in 1901 for suspected murder and accosting a white female Broadway resident, Eva Roth, at 6:30 PM on 12 January 1901. The principal of Leavenworth High, Dr Evans, witnessed and overblew the accosting. Alexander then came under suspicion for the murder of Pearl Forbes on election night, 2 Nov 1900. Sheriff Abernathy moved him from city jail to county jail to State Pen back to county jail. During this last transfer, a lynch mob of 12,000 people took him to the edge of town, chained him to a stake, tore down a wooden shed for its wood, stacked the wood around him and threw coal oil on it. After burning him alive, all 12,000 filed by his body. Fred was buried in Mt. Muncie Cemetary. Later on, a man killed a woman in Colorado with similar MO to the Pearl Forbes murder. The Lynch mob may have burned an innocent man.