EVIL MOON A novel of werewolf horror and supernatural fear.

Mystery & Thrillers

By Harrison Ray


ABOUT Harrison Ray

Harrison Ray
    I was born and raised in the mid west in Kansas.  In 1971, I came to California to pursue a career in acting.  I was more fortunate than a lot of kids headed west with stars in their eyes.  I appeared in Ivan Reitman's "Ghostbusters" and Television's "Baywatch.&quo More...



A Nebraska State Patrol officer is assigned to track down an elusive, murderous wild animal, when he learns it's latest victim has survived.  To his Horror, he learns she is his own daughter, and the attacker is a werewolf.
Davis Veoh will do what he must to save Kenna's life and soul.  His quest for the beast, leads him to the lofty peaks of the Colorado Rocky mountains.  There, he and others become embroiled in a battle on the Mount Manitou Incline cable cars against a werewolf horde bent on the destruction of all humankind.

I fell in love with all things horror, science fiction and thrillers in the 1950's. I later became an actor, a stuntman and have been involved in building monster costumes for various movies. I always enjoyed reading scary novels and began to want to write my own. When I semi-retired, I finished one I had started writing two years earlier and it is now Evil Moon which I offer the first hundred pages for free, in the hope that you might tell friends and family to go to amazon.com and buy a copy. Thank you for any help you can render in this effort, and I hope you will enjoy my novel. Best Regards, Harrison Ray

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