Quad Delta

Mystery & Thrillers

By Bob Spear

Publisher : Spear's Mint Editions Publishing

ABOUT Bob Spear

Bob Spear
Bookstore owner, author, professional book reviewer, and coach, Bob Spear is a historical performer (Buffalo Bill Cody and Burl Ives), a storyteller, and professional musician. He borrows from his own 25-year career in Army intelligence to lend realism to the stories he writes


1st in the Leavenworth, Kansas
Enos Hobson Series
by Bob Spear   
Retired Army Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel, Enos Hobson, is hired to discover what has happened to a $2.5 million family trust of a military widow and her general officer son. Hobson, a severely damaged PTSD victim of the first Gulf War, is faced with an evil Satanic group, Quad Delta, and assisted by a list of fascinating characters, which includes his Rhodesian Ridgeback hound, Sheba.

This book was the result of combining the aspects of typical Satanic crime with the highly controversial underground 1900 shopping mall beneath Leavenworth, KS. The protagonist, Enos Hobson, is flawed with PTSD, the career stopping result of it, and a bitter divorce as the result of both. The author's career in military intelligence greatly influenced the portrayal on the protagonist's skills. Making a dog a character in his book was especially fun to do.