Tarizon: Civil War

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By William Manchee

Publisher : Top Publications

ABOUT William Manchee

William Manchee
William Manchee is an attorney by trade and practices law in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet of some 41 years. Manchee discovered his passion for writing late in life at age forty-eight and has vowed to write a  More...



When civil war breaks out on Tarizon, Leek Lanzia, believed by many to be "the Liberator," is sent to Tributon to provide moral support to the rag-tag mutant army. A major assault from the TGA is expected and Leek hopes to help the Mutants slow down the advancing army. In Rigomol, Loren Bosque is devastated when her bid to succeed her father and become the new Loyalist chancellor fails. Defying the new leadership, Lorin aligns herself with Leek in order to preserve the organization she and her father have so painstakingly built and to save the Namomites from Videl Lai’s ordered genocide.

On the battlefield the war goes badly for the Loyalists as they are out numbered ten to one and the TGA has superior weaponry including their seemingly invincible "hovertanks." In move of desperation, Leek is given command of the remnants of the mutant army when it is decimated by the TGA and must reorganize and rebuild it if there is going to be any chance of stopping the them from marching all the way to Rigomol and overrunning the capital.

As Leek’s 3rd Loyalist Army begins to take shape, Leek proves himself a capable leader and quickly gains the admiration support of his troops and the Tarizonian people. But, Leek is distracted by his yearning to rescue his mate, Lucinda, being held captive by Videl Lai in Shisk. He knows his only hope of ever seeing her again is to win the war and rid Tarizon of Videl Lai..