Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Religion & Spirituality

By LaTarsha Forbes

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT LaTarsha Forbes

LaTarsha Forbes
Jesus has commanded me to feed His sheep. My ministry is standing on the scripture, Joshua 1:18. The mandate God has placed on my life is to bring His children to the "symbolism" Land of Canaan. Today we know it as abundant living. My assignment is to lead and teach His children  More...


A true testimony about my life. A testimony on how my disobedience caused me to endure the ultimate sacrifice-death. The Spirit was telling me no, but my heart’s desire was telling me yes. I thought I met my “Boaz”. But instead I met a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But God knew I was going to make a bad choice. But He gave beauty for ashes. He was faithful to me, when I wasn’t faithful to Him. 

My name is LaTarsha Vanchelle Forbes. I am Christian, wife, and mother. God has called me to the Five Fold Ministry, but I am ordained as a Prophetess. I have a passion or a heart for the black men, and the incarcerated. But God has called me to be a voice to every age, gender, nationality, and tongue. I am an entrepreneur, book writer, songwriter, songstress, and intercessor. I am currently working on my second book, while promoting my first book. But what led me to write my first book was truly inspired by God. Jesus took what the devil meant for evil, and turned it around for my good. However, the truth is my disobedience to God caused me to endure more than I desired. One would say they want to be like Job, but no one really wants to go endure hurt. But God’s anger is but for a moment.

I cried when I read the prayer, I can feel your spirit. Corrine in Houston, Tx
Powerful, says Cheryl in Baton Rouge, La
I am enjoying your book, says Shantell in Gatesville, Tx
I didn't know you could write, says Thelma in Houston, Tx