What Went Wrong? Book 4

ABOUT Kg Cummings

kg cummings
 kgcummings (April 11, 1949 - ) born Kathy Ann Cummings in Oswego, New York to parents Raymond E. and Gertrude Kathryn DeSantis Cummings.
Her first novel, The Wind Whispers War, was self published in 2006. It was soon followed by several more novels to continue the historical romanc More...



War affects all involved, people cope in diverse manners.  As the series continues, the Madison's lives unfold... the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

Following The Wind Whispers War, War Written Words, and Welcome... With Wrath, kgcummings continues the saga with her newest novel, What Went Wrong? As one reads the first book in the second trilogy involving fictional Jeff and Beth Madison, one soon realizes that they are reading about ordinary everyday people. Yet, the story line, and characters continue to captivate. The years this novel covers are referred to by many from the Vietnam era as, "the silent years". The men couldn't, or wouldn't talk about the war, women, friends, and family didn't ask. Communication breakdown causes one to wonder... What Went Wrong?

"What Went Wrong" by Kgcummings is the 4th book in a Historical Romance Series. She has continued with the dramatic suspense, great emotion and story quality. She uses a lot of imagery and illustrates scenes in great detail when she writes. She is a dynamic novelist that writes with the essence of heart and soul. I have read all four of the books written so far and each one was a delight to read! I highly recommend to any adult that likes to read suspenseful historical romance. Kudos once again on another successful accomplishment! Each book was unique in its story and I will keep coming back for any future books she may write.
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